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Wir helfen Ihnen, Ihre Reise nach Ungarn zu organisieren. Wählen Sie die beste Unterkunft und genießen Sie Ihren Aufenthalt.


Die allgemeine Entwicklung des Flughafens von Debrecen begann im Jahr 2001. Dank der Entwicklung eines EU-Normen entsprechenden, regelmäßigen Flugs wurde der Flughafen nach grundlegendem Flughafeninfrastruktur entwickelt.

Die Qualifikation der Debrecen International Airport hat gleiche Autorität wie der internationale Flughafen Franz Liszt in Budapest.

Wöchentliche Flüge von London Luton Airport, Eindhoven, die Niederlande, Deutschland und Dortmund.



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Reisen - Unterkunft

Wenn Sie Hilfe benötigen, um Ihre Reise und Ihre Unterkunft zu organisieren, können wir diese für Sie arrangieren. Senden Sie uns eine E-Mail und wir planen Ihre

Reise: Wenn Sie keine Hilfe brauchen, hier sind die optionale Unterkünfte!

Hotel Divinus *****

Hotel Divinus Adresse: 4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei Boulvard 1.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 5,1 km | Routenplanung

Aquaticum Termál and Wellness Hotel ****

Aquaticum Termál and Wellness Hotel Adresse: 4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei park 1.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 6,4 km | Routenplanung

Hotel Gondola ****

Hotel Gondola Adresse: 4026 Debrecen, Mester Str. 32.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 2,7 km | Routenplanung

Hotel Lycium ****

Hotel Lycium Adresse: 4026 Debrecen, Hunyadi Str. 1-3.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 3,5 km | Routenplanung

Hotel Óbester ****

Hotel Óbester Adresse: 4026 Debrecen, Péterfia Str. 49.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 3,0 km | Routenplanung

Platán Hotel ****

Platán Hotel Adresse: 4030 Debrecen, Somlyai Str. 10.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 5,1 km | Routenplanung

Villa Hotel and Krúdy Restaurant ****

Villa Hotel and Krúdy Restaurant Adresse: 4032 Debrecen, Medgyessy sétány 4.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 5,9 km | Routenplanung

Best Western Hotel Kálvin ***

Best Western Hotel Kálvin Adresse: 4026 Debrecen, Kálvin tér 4.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 3,4 km | Routenplanung

Campus Hotel ***

Campus Hotel Adresse: 4028 Debrecen, Kassai Str. 26.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 4,0 km | Routenplanung

Cívis Grand Hotel Aranybika ***

Cívis Grand Hotel Aranybika Adresse: 4025 Debrecen, Piac Str. 11-15.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 2,3 km | Routenplanung

Hunguest Hotel Nagyerdő ***

Hunguest Hotel Nagyerdő Adresse: 4032 Debrecen, Pallagi Str. 5.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 5,9 km | Routenplanung

Park Hotel & Restaurant ***

Park Hotel & Restaurant Adresse: 4032 Debrecen, Kartács Str. 27.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 4,6 km | Routenplanung

Sport Hotel ***

Sport Hotel Adresse: 4032 Debrecen, Oláh Gábor Str. 5.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 5,3 km | Routenplanung

Főnix Hotel hotel

Főnix Hotel Adresse: 4025 Debrecen, Barna Str. 17.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 2,3 km | Routenplanung

Centrum Pension apartman

Centrum Pension Adresse: 4026 Debrecen, Péterfia Str. 37/a
Entfernung durch Klinik: 3,1 km | Routenplanung

Euro Pension apartman

Euro Pension Adresse: 4028 Debrecen, Kétmalom Str. 10.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 3,3 km | Routenplanung

Korona Pension apartman

Korona Pension Adresse: 4026 Debrecen, Péterfia Str. 54.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 3,1 km | Routenplanung

Nádix Pension apartman

Nádix Pension Adresse: 4032 Debrecen, Bessenyei Str. 6.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 4,9 km | Routenplanung

Némethy Panzió apartman

Némethy Panzió Adresse: 4026 Debrecen, Péterfia Str. 50.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 3,1 km | Routenplanung

Play Pub House apartman

Play Pub House Adresse: 4024 Debrecen, Batthyány Str. 26.
Entfernung durch Klinik: 2,4 km | Routenplanung


Debreceni Nagytemplom

The reformed big church is the most representative building of Debrecen. The church is the symbol of the Hungarian Reformed Congregation, that’s why the city is also called a Calvinist Rome. With its 1500 m² floor space it is one of the country’s biggest reformed church, beside this, it has the biggest bell of the reformed churches in The church was built in classic style. From the tower the view is amazing of the city.

Déri Múzeum

The well known European famous museum located in the heart of the city, is another outstanding storehouse of the cultural and intellectual assets of Debrecen. Foremost among the attractions of the museum are the monumental paintings of the Christ-trilogy by the 19th-centuryHungarian artist, Mihály Munkácsy. The collection of the museum also includes Egyptian mummies, East- Asian artefacts, Oriental weapons, as well as many other interesting curiosities.



Modem, the modern and contemporary international art life centre with its new, three storey art gallery is located in the historical city centre of Debrecen in 2006.

Fall Fest

The Fall Festival in Debrecen is held traditionally in the second part of October focusing on art. The fest is a great occasion for the Hungarian culture debutation. Classical concerts, light music concerts, film performances and shows, dramatic performances, exhibitions and dance art performances colours the programme.

Spring festival

During the several-week-long overall art festival primarily well-known foreign artists and artistic groups introduce themselves to the public of Debrecen. Those interested may visit classical music, jazz and pop music concerts just as well as fine art exhibitions, film and theatrical performances or dance shows.


Aqua Park

In Hajdúszoboszló located the first aquapark in Hungary with its 12 meter high, 9 different slides for the lovers of aquapark and slides. There is competition slide with 4 lanes, 2 kamikaze slide, big twist slide, blackhole and crazy river. But you can relax in 3 different types of pools or in the calm river.


Aqua-Palace Experience Baths

In Hajdúszoboszló you can find the Aqua-Palace, which is an experience bath with special and individual wellness experiences: tropical bath, ice cage bath, cinema bath, thermal bath, cage bath, Roman bath, Ganges bath, sea bath. For more: there are Finnish saunas, vapour bathes, infra saunas, massage showers.

Aquaticum Mediterranean Pleasure Baths

Aquaticum Mediterranean Pleasure Baths is located in the heart of the Great Forest of Debrecen, under a dome of 66-meter diameter. The abundance of tropical plants and adventure elements of this special facility makes summer out of every day of the year. The water paradise means full-day relaxation and entertainment for each generation. A baby pool awaits the smallest ones, and there is a children pool for the older children. The water paradise also accommodates a restaurant and a Thai Massage Centre. New adventure elements include water choppers and adventure paths with both these facilities being accessible from the wave pool. 

Aquaticum Thermal Spa

The thermal baths are open all round the year with its pools filled with medicinal waters of different temperatures; the contrast bath and steam chambers are very popular with the guests. There is direct access from the thermal baths to the water resort via a glass-walled corridor. There are three medicinal water pools of different temperatures, a swimming pool, a contrast bath and steam chambers in the domed pool hall. In addition, the open-air pool with medicinal waters operated throughout the year makes the highly favourable effects of such therapies in Debrecen perfect. The indoor and outdoor pools equipped with water massages and mushroom showers can be used to complement the medical treatments with medicinal water massage. Underwater exercises and weight bath treatments being very popular among the guests are provided in two separate, specifically structured pools. The clear medicinal water derived from the own well of the bathing center is conducted directly into the pools after cooling. A soak of 20–30 minutes is recommended in the medicinal water whose temperature is suitable for bathing (33–38°C). Website:

Aquaticum Wellness Island

When conceiving the wellness department, there have strived for creating a complex wellness offering that touches all of the senses in a delicate and harmonic manner. In the heart of the Aquaticum Thermal and Wellness Hotel, the Wellness Island serves the shaping our guests’ physical and mental harmony with a continuously broadened range of services. Our health-conscious guests have the option to contribute to the preservation of their health and the prevention of illnesses, diseases with their lifestyle, healthy diets and regular exercises. 

Hajdúszoboszló Thermal Bath

Thanks to the thermal water thousands come to be healthier in Hajdúszoboszló. Thermal water is firstly good for in rheumatic diseases supper patients. The therapeutic division provides nearly 40 different types of treatments based on the benefits of medicinal waters, as administered in co-operation with specialist doctors. The specialists make up personal curative programs based on the results of medical examinations. Beside traditional spa water therapies, physiotherapy, movement therapy and a wide range of psychological treatments are offered. 

Thai Massage

Those wishing to reinvigorate themselves can feel the healing benefits of the Oriental massage culture in the Thai Massage Centre of the Mediterranean Water Centre. Our highly-qualified experts from Thailand have learnt the elements of Thai massage in the school of the WAT PO Temple in Bangkok. Our masseurs await our guests with several years of experience in traditional, oil, herbal, and foot massage techniques in an authentically designed Thai environment. 


Active Fitness

Experience, movement, freshness – what Active Fitness offers and wait for the sport friends. In fitness room there are TechnoGym cardio and isotonic machines, 4 squash courts, 4 Brunswick bowling courts wait for the guests. Everyone is invited to the Bowling Bar and the Vitamin bar you can find soft drinks. To relax sauna, solarium, manicure and pedicure services are waiting for you. 

Fontana Fitness Centre

The fans of moving are invited to the Fontana Fitness Centre with its brand new bowling alley, 3 outdoor five-man football yields and 5 tennis court. Beside these darts, simulators help to spend free time useful. In the exclusive Bowling Bar the hungry players can select from cocktail specialities and aromatic café variations with polite service and solid prices. In the intimate Europe a'la Carte Restaurant spectacle terrace welcome the guests. 


Close to Debrecen located in a landscaped forest-field beautiful environment the golf course. In summer 2010 a 90 m wide and 250m long driving range with a golf terrace. After this in 2011 spring we are going to implement a 9 stage golf course and a clubhouse and restaurant on the beach of a 4000m2 lake. 

Horse riding

In Debrecen’s countryside the nature fans hikers, horse riders can saunter on a beauty landscape around Debrecen or Hortobágy. There are so many places for guests to obeisance their riding passion. Hortobágy offers the most romantic adventure programme facilities.



Eger is a real holiday maker town, Hungary’s beloved tourist destination. With its national monuments, spas and wines are very famous and well-known in north-east Hungary. The castle is the most famous in the Hungarian history. If you don’t know what to do after a walk in Eger, taste the well-known wines of Eger in cellars of Szépasszony Valley.

Hortobágy National Park

The Park is Hungary’s first national park, part of the world heritage with the country’s native animals: Hungarian grey cattle, the puli, pumi, kuvasz, comondor, mangalica, and racka flock. There many programs waiting for the guests, the most famous is the bridge fair in August. The horse fans can find horse riding facilities and exhibition. You will have amazing experiences in the country’s biggest park.

Tokaj wine region

Discover the world heritage historical wine region intimate wine cellars and fantastic gastronomy offer. At this region has been made the world-known and famous Tokaji Aszú, Tokaji Szomorodni. The Tokaji wines are in wooden barrel in cellar labyrinths which walls are full of gentle mould. Here waiting for you the fantastic wines and meals.


Aquaticum Vigadó Restaurant

Vigadó Restaurant is the “civic” catering unit that looks back on the longest traditions in the city, in the heart of the Great Forest of Debrecen. The terrace of the restaurant is open from May to October, and welcomes guests with a broad selection of oven-baked and grilled dishes, bread scones, specialties of the Hungarian cuisine. The terrace full of flowers and with its Mediterranean atmosphere is very popular. Website:

Belgian Beer Cafe

The restaurant serves international and French-style specialities in addition to offerings from traditional Belgian cuisine, and these are accompanied by draught and bottled beers brewed according to the traditional, centuries-old techniques of the Walloon and Flemish master brewers. Website: >><<

Calico Jack Pub

The restaurant gets its name from a Caribbean pirate, Calico Jack. The perfect place for entertaining waits guests with excellent and many drink and meal variations. Website: >><<

Cívis Promenade

The program series become the craggiest summer program of Debrecen in the latest years. In July the promenade in the city centre turns to a busy “prom”. The programs during 4 weekends are free and promise meaty entertaining.

Csokonai Buttery and Restaurant

The buttery-restaurant is situated in the city centre. The restaurant serves international and traditional Hungarian specialities. The non-smokers also can find their place in the restaurant. Website: >><<

Debrecen Wine Carnival

A recurrent event at the first weekend of the month of August, the wine carnival with its attendant programs is considered to be a refined means of popularizing civilized wine consumption. Apart from wine tasting occasions offered by selected wine producers and wineries, a variety of music programs are also available to interested parties.

Debrecen Jazz Days

The inclusion of the Debrecen Jazz Festival among the prestigious events of this genre can be attributed not only to the list of high-quality international celebrities that appear on the stage but also to the special atmosphere that has evolved at Lake Békás in the city's Nagyerdõ district. Jazz is said to be in fashion again, but it has constantly been in for 36 years now in Debrecen since the first festival was held. One of the largest jazz festivals in Central and Eastern Europe will feature concerts by international as well as internationally known Hungarian musicians and singers.

Debrecen Flower Festival

The Debrecen Flower Festival is the biggest event, when the city burst into flower. The festival has turned into a one-week fiesta in the last few years and it already begins on 15th August with mostly free programmes. These days are about festivities, music and flowers featuring star performances. Preparation for the colourful march on 20th August already starts months before. The marching flower carts can be made up of even three-million flowers. Well-known Hungarian and foreign artistic groups, dance companies, bands and majorette groups perform spectacular performances in front of and behind the marching carts.

Fandango Restaurant

The restaurant in Debrecen serves Mediterranean -style specialities, but you can find the Hungarian flavours in the meals as well. Fandango is not only a restaurant, but a tapas bar and pizza restaurant as well with Spanish specialities and popular Italian pastas. It is also unique, that in the middle of the restaurant there is an open kitchen, where the meals are made. Website: >><<

Lucullus Restaurant

Lucullus Restaurant and wine house was built in 1830 in a cellar, in a national monument building. The restaurant is renewed of high standard. Traditional Hungarian Specialities are dominated beside the international and modern meals on the menu. The menu is monthly changed, and offers 85 specialities. 2 types of wine book, 100 wines and beers and plenty of specialities. Website: >><<

Palma Pub

The restaurant is to be found at the most beautiful part of Debrecen, in the heart of the Big Forest, on the Simonyi road. The pub offers the guests an intimate atmosphere, at summer season a terrace in pleasant surroundings with live music. Beside Hungarian meals there are international specialities and in house made ice-cream, cocktails, 6 different types of draft beer as well. Website: >><<

Play Pub House

You can find the Irish feeling beside the Hungarian hospitality in the restaurant. The menu shows Irish, Hungarian specialities and draft beers: Guinness, Dreher, Edelweiss, Pilsner Urquell. The wine lovers are also favoured with wide range of wine specialities. In the heat summer it is very pleasant to drink a cocktail which are cool and spectacular. The smell of the meals and the noise of the talks give real Irish feeling. Website: >><<

Rolling Rock Restaurant & Cafe

The restaurant’s menu choices are always orient to the taste of the guests and changes always with Mexican and Fitness meals and specialties, salads, desserts and drinks. You can watch there sport programmes on TV and on Fridays karaoke entertain the guests. Website: >><<

Villa Hotel and Krúdy Restaurant

Debrecen's newest and special four-star hotel has been opened in 2006 to provide comfort and care and satisfy the guests’ needs. The restaurant waits the guests with special meals and drinks in the heart of the Big Forest in a unique and exclusive surround. Website: >><<

Wasabi Restaurant

The Wasabi Restaurant is the amusement park for the fans of the Asian gastronomy. The place ingeniously blends the tastes and sights of the Japanese, Korean and other Far East gastronomy with the passion of hunting and stalking hidden in all of us. All you can eat: 60 different types of wok and sushi specialties in unlimited consumption. Wide range of maki sushies, kimchies, fruits and desserts waiting for the guests. Website: >><<